These are the photos that I took aboard my submarine during an extended deployment north of the Arctic Circle, including a brief stop at the geographic North Pole.  Sadly, most of the negatives and almost all of the pictures have been misplaced over the years.  So, I've only about a dozen images to put on display.  You will also notice that I am very vague when describing names, dates, and locations.  This was done intentionally.  It is the nature of the "Silent Service" to protect information that could conceivably be used by those who do not have the best interests of the US Navy at heart.   However, there should be enough info to fill you in without revealing too much (and keeping the Naval Investigative Service at a distance).  


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The North Pole

Dolphin Ceremony

Self Portrait


Softball Game


Sail, Starboard Side

Sail, Looking Aft

British Submarine