The Sights of McMurdo Station




McMurdo Station is quite a large place. According to Lonely Planet's tourist guide to Antarctica (yes, I bought a copy), it covers an area of almost 4 square kilometers and is comprised of over 100 buildings. Among the types of buildings here are fire deparment, clinic, berthing for quarters for 1,200 people, warehouses, a power plant, water plant, sewage treatment facility, repair shacks, chapel, bar, and a general building which contains the galley, store, and administrative offices.

The station began life in January of 1956 when the US Navy established a permanent American presence in Antarctica and has been growing ever since.

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McMurdo General

Fire Department

The Bar

Crary Lab

My Dorm

VIP Housing

Observation Hill



My Room

Computer Lab

The Shopping Mall

 Tank Farm

 Mactown from Ob Hill

 A Supply Yard