Cape Royds




Built in 1908, Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod expedition used Cape Royds as a base of operations to launch their assault no the South Pole the following Spring.  Like other attempts to reach the Pole, Shackleton, too, failed.  He did however get to within 97 miles of his goal but was forced to turn back after his last pony fell into a crevasse taking the bulk of their supplies with them.

Cape Royds is also the location of an Adelie penguin rookery.  While there are normally 4,000 pairs of penguins that make their nests within sight of the hut, that number is significantly diminished because of the B-15 iceberg making the trek inland difficult for them.


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The Nimrod Hut and Penguin Rookery

Close-up of Adelie Penguin

The Rookery

Another View of the Rookery

The Nimrod Hut


Dog Houses


Tire Rim and Crates

Cooking Stove

The Ride to the Cape

Mt. Erebus Venting