The Icebreaker Cometh...



Each of these photos was taken at the around 7:00 PM in the same location over the days that it took for the icebreaker USCG Polar Star to make it to McMurdo Station from the ice edge.  What normally takes 2 days took nearly 2 weeks, illustrating just how thick the ice is this year. 

You can gauge the icebreakers progress by seeing the change in its size.  I only began taking pictures when it was close enough for my camera to make pick it up.

12/28.  Approximately 10 miles away.

12/29.  8 miles?

12/30.  8 miles?

12/31.  Confirmed at 6 miles out.

01/01/2002.  Much closer now.  May pull in on Jan. 3.

01/02/2002.  Just off Hut Point.

Getting ready to moor it to the pier on 01/04.


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