Here's a collection of interesting links concerning various aspects of living and working in Antarctica and the Arctic.




Admundsen-Scott Base at the South Pole

South Pole webcam : Live view of the Admunsen-Scott Station undated every ten minutes.



Planes, trains, and automobiles

Air Force magazine article about ice pilot training for Antarctica.  Interesting read.

The homepage for the USCG icebreaker Polar Star, which clears a channel in the Ross Sea each summer so that we can get resupplied.



Personal Web sites

Mike and Lorie Poole's  website documenting the 2000-2001 season here at McMurdo.  Lots of pictures...  The personal home page of Robert Holmes and loaded with information.

Henry Hsieh's stay at the South Pole.



Living and working in Antarctica

Want to work in Antarctica?  Here's the place to start:  the Raytheon Polar Services' web site.

Homepage of  The Antarctic Sun, the weekly newspaper published in Antarctica.

The IceStock 2002 Homepage.  Click here to get MP3s.



History and Science

Read all about the early polar explorers at South  It also has links to various research institutions who conduct science here.

According to an AP article on CNN we're about to iced out because of the B-15 iceberg.  There's also some mention of how the penguins will be affected at the rookeries at Cape Royds and Cape Crozier.



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